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How To Reuse Or Dispose Of Your Old Yoga Mat

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Cork Yoga Mat hanging from wall at home

In New Zealand alone we discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste each year. That is 3,200kg for every Kiwi! Right now we only recycle 28% of this waste. The waste we send to the landfill is growing and becoming increasingly diverse and toxic. We therefore encourage reusing your old yoga mat and avoiding contributing to the landfill.

Here are some ideas on how you can reuse your old yoga mat:
  1. Donate to community groups like The Yoga Foundation.

  2. As door mats (you can use eco-friendly spray paints to add extra flair and design).

  3. Place mats for pet bowls.

  4. Cut out as floor protector pads and glue onto furniture legs.

  5. Use a small piece as a jar opener.

  6. Line drawers and kitchen cupboards to prevent slipping.

  7. Cut out a mat to make gardening more comfortable.

  8. Use as an extra sleeping mat or in place of an air mattress when camping.

  9. Use as a makeshift doormat or a place to leave shoes.

  10. Place in the back seat of the car for pets.

  11. Donate to an animal shelter.

  12. Use in your boot to keep groceries from sliding around.

  13. Cut out shapes and put them to work as hot pads under pots and pans.

  14. Our cork yoga mats are 100% biodegradable so you can also cut it up and add it to your compost bin. We note, however, that natural rubber takes some time to break down.

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