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Why Copper is the Best Material for a Tongue Scraper

Ayurvedic literature recommends tongue scrapers being made from copper, silver, gold, tin or brass. But why do people still use copper tongue scrapers instead of more modern alloys such as stainless steel? And why does copper reign supreme among all the other metals? Find out about copper's ancient uses from its use in Greece to treat skin infections to its use in Egypt to disinfect wounds and accelerate healing.

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2019 Half Year Update

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for us at Valka Yoga. With over 1000 cork yoga mats sold and various sustainable initiatives in the works we are well on our way to becoming Australasia's most eco friendly yoga brand. We're even selling our cork yoga mats on Amazon now!

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A Helpful Guide to Start Living With Your Intuition

We often seek answers outside ourselves. However, we already have all the answers inside ourselves. It’s just about learning how to find these answers within oneself. Once you start living with your intuition, you will become clear on what you want and what you don’t want in your life, which can bring a more meaningful and fulfilling life...

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How to Make Friends at a Yoga Class by Ally Cohen

Always cheerful and full of positive vibes, Ally believes a smile is a gift we can give for free, and almost always we get a 100% return! If we practice something as simple as this in our yoga classes, we will find it easier to do this in our daily life. And that's just one way we cane make an awesome yoga friend.

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