Yoga Block with Elephant design
Cork Yoga Block with close up of Elephant design
Cork Yoga Block viewed from the side

Cork Yoga Block

Our premium cork yoga block is made from 100% natural Portuguese cork. That's it. The beautiful fine grain cork is lighter than the coarse grain cork typically used in other yoga blocks. It features an easy to grip, non-slip surface and is specially designed for supporting back bends and select standing and sitting poses.

- Rectangular yoga block
- Easy-to-grip, non-slip surface
- Comfortably contoured edges with sturdy construction
- Renewable cork construction is stable, long lasting and comfortable
- Natural texture provides traction


Composed of recycled cork from the bottle-making process, steam pressed to form a solid yoga block. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals.


Size: 8 cm x 15 cm x 23 cm

Weight: 800 grams

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