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FAQ - Wholesale

Can I buy your products at wholesale for my studio?

We do offer our cork mats and cork blocks to studios at wholesale, however stock is extremely limited. 

Please note the following factors in regards to our cork yoga mats:

  • We recommend our cork yoga mats to be used for restorative, meditation or yin yoga styles to ensure longevity. 
  • The natural light colour cork offers is more difficult to keep looking 'fresh' over time if students don't exercise clean hygiene, i.e. dirty feet. This may stain the mat which may appear dirty even once it's been clean. 

For more details please contact us by simply opening and completing the form below.

We want to sell your products in our retail store.

Our wholesale stock is limited and only accepting a handful retailers, who share similar values, at a time. Please note we are currently not offering wholesale to online stores. If this is of interest please contact us by opening and completing the form below.

Do you offer drop shipping?

We currently do not offer drop shipping on our products.

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