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Copper Hand Roller
Copper Hand Roller
Copper Hand Roller
Copper Hand Roller
Copper Hand Roller
Copper Hand Roller


Copper Hand Roller

Don’t leave home without this germ-killing Copper Hand Roller. It's so easy to use: just roll it between your palms to rid your hands of germs. The friction of the rubbing activates the kill time.

The All Natural Copper Hand Roller clips onto backpacks, purses, zippers, belt loops, diaper bags, dog leashes - anywhere you want to have handy access.

This antimicrobial copper product kills harmful, contagious germs… naturally! Environmentally Safe, Durable and Exceptional Value.

Antimicrobial Copper kills germs forever and never needs to be recharged or replaced. This Hand Roller continuously kills germs 24-7, year after year without harming the environment or the users. Copper has even been shown to kill superbugs and viruses from the coronavirus family.

Perfect for use while traveling when clean water and hand sanitizer may be in short supply. So don't hesitate. Buy a Copper Hand Roller today, to keep the germs and viruses away!


Copper has been used in India since ancient times due to its inherent antimicrobial properties.

Copper kills off virus and bacteria by emitting ions that prevent cell respiration, punch holes in the bacterial or viral cell membrane, destroying the DNA / RNA inside. 

Modern medical and scientific research has proven these properties and copper surfaces are increasingly being used in cutting edge hospitals and clinics around the world.

Dimensions: 10 cm x 2 cm

Made from 99.9% pure antimicrobial solid copper and assembled in New Zealand.


Roll between the hands for 30-60 seconds to kill 99.97% of germs.

As it is the copper surface that is antimicrobial, the germ-killing power will never run out, provided the copper surface is kept clean.

As copper destroys bacteria and virus by emitting ions, it can kill off the germs regardless of their resistance to antibiotics.

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