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Yoga Mat Carry Strap
Model carrying yoga mat in carry sling

Yoga Mat Carry Strap

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This light weight yoga mat carry strap is made from thick and durable cotton that won’t slip. Simply loosen the loops, place them over both ends of your favourite yoga mat, tighten the loops and you are ready to go. The sling can be worn over your shoulder or across your chest.

🕉️ Doubles as a Yoga Strap: Use your yoga mat carry strap during your yoga practice as a stretching strap. The straps can be used to increase flexibility. Beginners can use the sling to connect in basic poses. Intermediate and advanced yogis can achieve new and more challenging poses. The sling is an essential addition to your yoga gear.

🕉️ 100% Non-Toxic and Safe to Use: We create premium quality eco friendly products that are safe for your body, mind and the environment. The cotton yoga strap is machine washable allowing for easy cleaning. To ensure our yoga mat holder lasts it is made of thick cotton that will soften over time with washing and regular use.

🕉️ One Size Fits All: The carry strap has been made to fit yoga mats of all shapes and sizes. It should fit most standard exercise and yoga mats, 3mm to 6mm thick.

🕉️ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Each carry strap is built to last and comes backed by our 15 day money back guarantee as well as 1 year replacement warranty.

Made in India from Fairtrade organic cotton.

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