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Your Yoga Mat Could Be Making You Sick

It's a scary thought - could your daily practice actually be detrimental to your health and wellbeing? Most yoga mats are made from hazardous materials and can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. While some of the newer mats come with anti-bacterial coatings, cork is naturally antimicrobial and odour resistant which makes it an excellent material for a yoga mat.

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On The Mat with Sheila Kennard

Based on our short conversation with Sheila Kennard from Studio Evolve we learned three important lessons - one, yoga is for every body; two, it is never too late to start on your yoga journey and; three, the importance of finding a teacher that is right for you.

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Evolution of the Yoga Mat by Mike Berghan

In the 25 years I have practiced, yoga mats have come a long, long way. I have pretty much tried them all because once I got over my attachment to my first mat, I was happy just to practice on whatever mat I could get and afford. So I have been through the mats that crumble and put “mat dandruff” everywhere, the ones that have a layer peel off them in great chunks and the 5mm extra long, last forever landing pads.

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