Premium cork yoga mat
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Premium Chakras Yoga Mat
Premium Chakras Yoga Mat
Premium Chakras Yoga Mat

Premium Chakras Yoga Mat

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Our Premium Cork Yoga Mats just sold out! We are accepting pre-orders for our next drop which will be shipped out to customers towards the end of October.

The Premium Cork Yoga Mat merges our signature cork surface with the comfort and cushioning of a thicker natural rubber base. The eco-friendly yoga mat features the same flexible layer of cork that is super easy to clean and maintain, but is made extra luxurious and comfortable thanks to a generous 5mm thickness. The premium mat is perfect for those who require a bit more support in their practice.

Use: Suitable for all styles of yoga including Hot Yoga. A customer favourite for Yin Yoga and other styles where asanas are held for an extended period of time.

Top side: Composed of recycled cork from the bottle-making process, steam pressed to form a flexible sheet. Cork is naturally antimicrobial, odour resistant and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals.

Bottom side: Heavy-duty, zero-slip support layer made of natural rubber.

Specifications: 183 x 67 cm | 5 mm thick | 3 kgs.

Every premium yoga mat comes with a complimentary yoga mat carrier sling.

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