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Cork Yoga Wheel from side with white background
Cork Yoga Wheel on floor
Yoga Wheel being used by yoga teacher

Cork Yoga Wheel

The Cork Yoga Wheel features our signature cork surface and natural rubber for maximum comfort. The inner core is made of virtually indestructible ABS plastic that has been tested to handle over 500 pounds. The layer of cork is naturally antimicrobial and easy to maintain. The yoga wheel is built to last a lifetime and guide your yoga practice along the way.

🕉️ The Yogi's Best Friend – The 13 inch Cork Yoga Wheel is the perfect companion for the yogi looking to enhance their strength, mobility and flexibility. Whether you're rolling out your spine, strengthening your core, improving your back bends or simply stretching this yoga prop can help you achieve your goals.

🕉️ Improve Core Strength & Relieve Back Stress – Engage your core like never before. The Yoga Wheel can also be used to open up your back and relieve stress and tension that can build up in the back. Perfectly sized for all levels and poses. Also great for Pilates, Gymnastics, HIIT and TRX exercises.

🕉️ The Comfort of Cork – The smooth cork surface coupled with TPE provides generous cushioning for the palms, feet and back, providing a remarkable sense of comfort. The cork layer naturally resists odour. The inner core is made from high strength ABS plastic, designed and engineered to last a lifetime.

🕉️ Hygienic, odor free & easy to clean – The flexible cork outer layer will naturally keep clean and resist all bad odor. For best results, we recommend cleaning the yoga wheel once a week with a solution of water and vinegar. Just spray and wipe. Easy as.

🕉️ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Each cork yoga wheel comes backed by our 15 day money back guarantee as well as 5 year replacement warranty.

We are confident that this is the best yoga wheel out there. Buy now to experience strengthening and unwinding on a beautiful cork surface!


Top layer: Composed of recycled cork from the bottle-making process, steam pressed to form a flexible sheet. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals.

Base layer: Heavy-duty, zero-slip support layer made of natural rubber.

Frame: Shatterproof ABS plastic made to handle over 500 pounds.


Width: 13 cm

Diameter: 32 cm

Weight: 1.2 kg

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